Thursday, January 12, 2012

The History Behind Christening Gowns

Just exactly when did babies start wearing the christening gowns we see today?

Up until the 20th century, babies and toddlers - both boys and girls - wore dresses.  Around the mid 1700's, the long christening robes, and dresses, were used during christening and baptisms.  (Before that, babies were kept tightly swaddled - even for the christening ceremonies.)

Expectant mothers would create the family christening gowns before the first baby was born - created by hand with pintucks, pleats, french and swiss laces - showing detailed workmanship.  The fabrics, laces and embroidery flosses were white - symbolic of new life, purity and joy.  These works of art were carefully stored after babies baptism and used for each new child, carried down through generations of babies.  I had the opportunity to design a christening gown for a mother whose family actually had a gown created hundreds of years ago - stored in a family vault!

Todays gowns come in all styles - mass-manufactured and sold in stores, and also handmade by seamstresses and sold individually.


Boy Christening Outfit said...

Thanks for shedding some light on this subject... I had no idea the tradition dated back so far and it makes it all the more special!

Auburn Rose Children's Boutique said...

Thanks! I thought it was really interesting, too.

Auburn Rose Children's Boutique said...
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Josh Green said...

Wow that is interesting. I didn't know any of that about Christening Gowns not being worn for so long until just recently. Very Interesting. Thanks!!