Friday, April 15, 2011

Izzie the Bird Dog - Or So She Thinks!

Before you start quaking in your shoes at the ferocious dog pictured, remember that this dog is horrified of EVERYTHING.  If you come to my door, she will try to bite or nip, but mainly in the name of self-preservation.  I thought she was trying to protect me.  Turns out, she's worried about HERSELF.  And, along with being crazy, she's is extremely paranoid.  AND, an Affenpinscher.  Enough said?

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Harkins household.  I left the patio door slightly open, so that Miss I'm-Afraid-To-Be-Outside-By-Myself-Without-The-Door-Open could get in from her potty break.  That was a mistake. 

Because, it seems Izzie's Mockingbird decided to fly in for a play date.  GREAT.  Let's just say after bird and dog flying back and forth across the downstairs, I managed to coax it onto the end of a broom and usher it outstairs.

I have witnesses.  LOL!  Have a great day!

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