Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Dresses, Anyone?

So simple, but elegant . . . this sweet little dress is made from blush pink silk with a chocolate brown silk sash . . . front waistline features a velvet band.  Completely lined, this item also have a built-in crinoline petticoat.  Pattern designer is Olabelhe, stitched by Auburn Rose/CH Heirlooms.

In the same style, this little dress is made from a lovely cotton print.  Front waistline features a dark red ribbon to pick up the red hue in the fabric.  Completely lined, built-in crinoline petticoat.  Skirt is hand pleated.

Don't you just love the depth of the back bodice?

Both of these dresses will be available on website: .  Only a limited number will be made - so get your order in soon!

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