Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Poor Kim

You Gotta Love Preschool.

Kim and I teach middle 3's preschool in Allen, Texas at our Baptist church.  Let's just say, that some days are more "interesting" than others.  And, if I leave Kim alone for more than 5 minutes, something is bound to happen.

This morning, I left during Chapel to get some work done.  It probably wasn't but a few minutes before I left, that one of our little guys HAD to go potty.  Never mind that we'd both asked him before we left the room, but you know how it goes.

Kim and another teacher, in a similar predicament, head toward the bathrooms.  The women't bathroom (our first choice), has been freshly mopped, and I have yet to meet a toddler who doesn't immediately crash to the ground when his/her feet meet mopped tile.  So, they move onto the Family bathroom - one toilet.  Okay, that's great for ONE kid crossing their legs . . . so Kim moves onto the Men's bathroom, stands just inside while the little one relieves himself . . . and the pastor comes trotting through the door, looks dumbfounded, and leaves.  Evidently, HE thought the Family restroom was a good second choice - nope.  Returns to the Men's room and states - "There is ANOTHER girl in the other bathroom," and leaves.

During lunch, we realize one of the kids doesn't have a lunch.  Kim takes off in an effort to find food, and shows up 15 minutes later after being sent 3 different directions, finally securing a barbeque sandwich for said child from the senior luncheon.  Helps me secure the sides of my fold up box (okay, so I can sew a $500 christening gown - no problem, but I can't figure out this cardboard box - tab A goes into tab B. Great.)

I come back from lunch, later, and Kim is holding a pair of drenched blue jeans belonging to one of the kids - you've got it - didn't "quite make it."  Visualize her holding them an arms length away, wearing plastic gloves. hanging over the door looking for me.  You've got it.

Now, don't get me wrong - Kim and I really enjoy our jobs - no mistake.  We LOVE these kids.  But, there are definitely days when we go crawling home to enjoy a well deserved nap.


LeighAnn Stapp said...

I laughed all the way through reading your description of the day! You two are like Lucy and Ethel! LOL :) Thank you for making it through 2 years with my own children!

Auburn Rose Children's Boutique said...

LeighAnn you have the sweetest kids . . . we loved having them!