Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Friday Anyone?

Here it comes!  The busiest shopping day of the year . . . but, you won't see me out a 3am this year - yawn.  I really don't even care to be awake when the sun is coming up - LOL.  I have more of a tendancy to stay up late, watch movies such as Pride and Prejudice, The Day After Tomorrow, Men and Black, etc and sew.  Or, take the ocassional break to play Bejeweled on Facebook - LOL.

No, this year I will make only two trips on Black Friday - one to JoAnn's to pick up an organizational rack, and the other to a local quilt fabric store that offers 40% of one cut of fabric that day.  (We all have our weaknesses - right?)

Unfortunately, this change in shopping habits means that my babies are older and are either very specific about what they want, or ask for the very personal gift of money.  LOL.

Have fun while you shop - and be sure to eat something chocolate for me while you're out!


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